<![CDATA[Simteks Music - Sound Design]]>Thu, 03 Dec 2015 08:55:22 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Alchemy Future Bass Chords Part 2]]>Wed, 25 Nov 2015 19:38:18 GMThttp://www.simteksmusic.com/sound-design/alchemy-future-bass-chords-part-2Here is an in-depth tutorial on how I finished the programming for the Saw Synth patch from the first tutorial.  In this tutorial I cover some ideas about how to program the Perform knobs and Snapshots in Logic Pro X Alchemy.  Check out the video below, and if you like it please show support by liking, sharing, and commenting.  
<![CDATA[Saw Synth in Logic Pro X Alchemy]]>Wed, 11 Nov 2015 22:24:16 GMThttp://www.simteksmusic.com/sound-design/saw-synth-in-logic-pro-x-alchemyIn this video I show you how to make a simple saw synth that is great for making Future Bass style chords.  This patch will be used as the basis for future sound design tutorials where I go over some ideas on using the effect, arp, and perform tabs to further expand this patch.

Download the patch here.

Part II is now live, watch it here
<![CDATA[Alchemy Sub Bass Patch]]>Wed, 11 Nov 2015 19:24:26 GMThttp://www.simteksmusic.com/sound-design/alchemy-sub-bass-patchI've recently uploaded the first video in the Sound Design section.  It is a basic Alchemy Sub Bass patch that is useful in all types of electronic music.  This is the basic patch for a future tutorial in which I cover some uses for the effects, arpeggiator, and performer section of Alchemy.  Step-by-step instructions located below the video if you are not the type to listen to me rambling. 
If you are REALLY lazy, here is a link to the .acp file.  
  1. Start the patch by double clicking on all the volume knobs in the synth to set them at -18.1 dB.  There is a volume knob on each of the four oscillators which you can see while in the global tab and also one in the top right global section.
  2. Set the number of voices to 1.  Make sure that ALL is highlighted in the voicing section or you will just make this change for one oscillator and not all of them.
  3. Voice mode should be set to Always. This will make the oscillators retrigger each time a new note is pressed.
  4. Glide has been set to RATE, and the knob increased to 7% or so.
  5. Filter 1 has been engaged, LP2 SVF with the Cutoff all the way up, No Resonance, and Drive at 100%.
  6. Filter 2 has been engaged, LP2 MG, settings are the same as Filter 1 except Drive is set at roughly 80%.
  7. The Filters are set to Parallel mode, with the knob all the way to the left.
  8. The main AHDSR envelope (AHDSR 1) has a short attack (0.11ms roughly) to eliminate the click at the beginning of the sound.  Adjust this to taste.  
  9. Oscillator A Settings: Sine Oscillator from the VA/BASIC menu.  VOL -18.1 dB, PAN Center, COURSE TUNE -12st,  FILTER 1 engaged, LP2 XP, CUTOFF 100%,  DRIVE 100%
  10. Oscillator B Settings: Sine FM7006 Oscillator from VA/SINE menu.  VOL -18.1 dB, PAN Center, COURSE TUNE -12st, FILTER 1 engaged, LP2 MG, CUTOFF 164 Hz, DRIVE 100%
  11. Oscillator C Settings: Sine FM7006 Oscillator from VA/SINE menu.  VOL -18.1 dB, PAN Center, COURSE TUNE -12st, FILTER 1 engaed, LP2 K20,  CUTOFF 50%, RES 100%, DRIVE 100%
  12. Effects section, Engage a Bandpass Filter and pull the Hi Cut down to about 300 Hz.